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Second season of wildly popular Squid Game on the way

Second season of wildly popular Squid Game on the way

The Korean Netflix hit Squid Game gets a sequel. Director Hwang Dong-hyuk announces in a short statement that a second season will be recorded, but has not yet revealed when it will be shown.

“Gi-hun returns, the Front Man returns, the smartly dressed man with the game ddakji maybe too,” Hwang wrote about the protagonist, the masked villain and his representative who uses a game of skill to find participants for a deadly knockout race.

Hwang also announces the arrival of Cheol-su, “Young-hee’s boyfriend”. That robot from a bloody game of Annamaria cuckoo became the figurehead of the series worldwide.

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It took Hwang twelve years Squid Game to be produced. In the series, poor Koreans compete to the death in a series of children’s games for a large amount of money. In his press release Hwang notes that the series only took 12 days to become the most-watched Netflix series ever.

Squid Game sparked worldwide craze of Korean games and inspired many memes and cosplay outfits. O Yeong-su, 77, won a Golden Globe for his complex supporting role as Actor 001. Critics also praised the series’ clever way of addressing real-world issues such as income inequality.

It was criticized that many children watched the gory series:

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