Secret Story back?  This unexpected channel on which the cult show could finally return

For several months, rumors have suggested that Secret Story could return to television. This Thursday, November 17, Benjamin Castaldi revealed that the famous reality TV show could finally land on a streaming platform.

Secret Story will he make a comeback? Last August, journalist Clément Garin, quoted by TV Magazine, suggested that TF1 “would consider airing a new season (from Secret Story, editor’s note) during the summer of 2023″. A few weeks later, Guillaume Genton had indicated on the Touche set not at my post that the cult reality TV show could in fact return to a competing channel. “It’s the big fashion of nostalgia at the moment and M6 would like to relaunch the Loft or Secret Story”, had assured the columnist. But this Thursday, November 17, Benjamin Castaldi revealed that a new twist would have occurred in the Secret Story dossier. According to him, the program could finally land on a famous streaming platform.

Apparently Secret Story would return but on Amazon Prime. TF1 would have finally given up and it could happen on Prime Video”, revealed the host in TPMP, before adding: “And I think it’s a good idea if it’s true because they will be quiet: there will be no Arcom (Audiovisual and digital communication regulatory authority, ex CSA), they can do what they want and there will be crazy secrets“.

Benjamin Castaldi: “I was not approached to present”

According to information from Benjamin Castaldi, the program “should last 10 weeks” and 14 candidates could participate. Apparently it’s almost done and Endemol will be in production”, continued the columnist. For his part, Cyril Hanouna wanted to ask Benjamin Castaldi if he could then return to the controls of this show that he hosted for many years. “I have not been approached to present, I have a job on C8″, clarified the moderator. “I don’t see who they can find better than you.” reacted Cyril Hanouna before indicating that he will do what he can to propose the name of his friend to Endemol so that he resumes the animation of the show. “If it’s almost done, I’ll find out and ask them if they’ve already chosen the host.”concluded the troublemaker of C8.

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