Security in the National Palace is stricter in recent days

Santo Domingo – For several days there has been an increase in security restrictions to enter the National Palace.

Employees and visitors who come to the government house on a daily basis must undergo a protocol of body and belongings inspection, more thorough than usual.

In the same way, the members of the presidential security body that guard the entrances require those who are going to access their vehicles to lower the windows and open the luggage compartment for a visual inspection before allowing entry.

Also at the reception, in addition to a metal detector, which is installed at the entrance, the personnel who guard the place, make the detection again with a manual device.

Inside the government house there are also limitations on the use of corridors and access to some offices in which there were no restrictions, especially those closest to the office of President Luis Abinader.

Although the reasons for the measures that have been adopted have not been explained, they began after Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mera was shot to death in his office at that institution on June 6.

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