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The set for All Flowers caught fire this Friday afternoon, the 18th, and destroyed the recording location for the scenes at the Rhodes & Co store. Tailleur, where much of the novel takes place. The press office informed that there were no injuries and there will be no impact on the production of the serial, as the interior of the set is reproduced in the studio.

All Flowers Scenario is hit by fire

Flames reached the Rhodes & Co. Tailleur, which in the plot of João Emanuel Carneiro is a luxury store run by the family of Rafael (Humberto Carrão) and where the protagonists work, including Maíra (Sophie Charlotte), Vanessa (Letícia Collin), Pablo (Caio Castro), Judite ( Mariana Nunes) and Humberto (Fábio Assunção).

A fact that caught the attention of internet users was that, in chapter 14 of All Flowers, Rhodes caught fire during the party celebrating the company’s 100th anniversary and caused the death of important characters who were about to unmask the villains of the story.

In the plot, the fire was caused by Patsy (Suzy Rego), who was humiliated by Raulzito (Nilton Bicudo) after the rich man introduced Mauritania (Thalita Carauta) as his new wife. Revolted, she went up to the terrace of the store and accidentally threw a bottle of drink on the site’s power board, causing a short circuit.

At Globo Studios, the reason for the fire is still unknown. The press office reported that no one was injured and the flames were brought under control by Globo’s Fire Brigade and the 12th Battalion of the Fire Department.

Rhodes 1
shop rhodes & co. Tailleur, part of the backdrop of all the flowers – photo: reproduction/victor pollak/gshow

Rhodes, an important part of the All Flowers scene, was inspired by major European, American and Asian brands. As disclosed by Gshow, the black and white floor makes reference to European palaces. The color palette chosen for decoration follows neutral tones, to highlight the clothes on display.

The luxury store also has an internal garden, in addition to rooms with exhibitors and products for sale, the perfumery department where Maíra produces the essences, fitting room, wine cellar and reception.

Another very important scenario at Rhodes for the plot is the perfume department, where Maíra starts working through an inclusion program for people with visual impairments. It is there that she and Rafael get involved and engage in romance, one of the main threads of the plot.

There are over 3,000 glass vials with essences that fill the stage, which are distributed across six workstations. The entire Rhodes project was designed to be accessible, with tactile flooring and signs written in braille spread throughout the site.

Rhodes2 1
Perfume department – photo: reproduction/victor pollak/gshow

See some photos of the Rhodes & Co. Costume:

Rhodes3 1
One of the Rhodes rooms – photo: reproduction/victor pollak/gshow

rhods1 1
Scenery of all the flowers – photo: reproduction/victor pollak/gshow

Rhodes4 1
Part of the rhodes scenery – photo: reproduction/victor pollak/gshow

When do the next episodes of All Flowers come out?

The chapters of the soap opera Toda as Flores are available on Globoplay on Wednesdays at 6 pm, Brasília time. Five episodes are released each week.

To watch, you must subscribe to the streaming platform. The most affordable plans start at R$24.90 for those who want to subscribe to the monthly plan, or twelve installments of R$14.90 for the annual plan. Payment can be made with credit cards or digital wallets.

The first part of the soap opera will have 45 episodes and will end in December. The serial should only return with a new batch of chapters in mid-April, when the final 40 episodes will be released weekly by the streaming platform, totaling 85.

The plot should be shown at 11 pm on Globo from 2023, as happened with Verdades Secretas II, according to Notícias da TV.

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