Sembra celebrates Sherry Week with a wine tasting

Santo Domingo.- The Sembra Wine Agency held a pairing tasting to celebrate the Sherry Week, the week in which the fantastic wines of Jerez are celebrated all over the world.

The tasting, conducted by Douglas Carvajal Sánchez, CMS Sommelier and owner of Sembra, together with Suheng Lama, Sula Sommelier, brought together a select group of wine enthusiasts, who enjoyed a pleasant dinner harmonized with tapas from Sembra’s menu.

Attendees were able to discover all the secrets of this historic region, which consistently produces some of the best wines in Spain.

Romina Belini and Ayde Jerez Roque

Guided by information from the sommeliers, attendees discovered the dry styles made with the Palomino Fino grape. They also enjoyed sweet styles such as Medium and Cream, where the Pedro Ximénez grape is the protagonist.

Cristian Mejía and María Jerez Pichardo

“Jerez wines are each year the best rated by critics in Spain and internationally. Even so, they maintain very reasonable prices, ”said Douglas during the tasting in the private room of his Wine Bar.

The executive highlighted that the selected wines belong to the Maestro Sierra winery, from Jerez de la Frontera. It was founded in 1830 by the master cooper José Antonio Sierra, who stopped selling them to large wineries to sell them directly to consumers.

– Joaquin Pena and Carolyn Guerrero

I feel very excited to have the opportunity to share this tasting with Sembra. With the same we have been able to surprise our community”, concluded Suheng Lama, Sula Sommelier.

Ivette Rodríguez and Yeimy Ruiz


Despite everything, the winery continues in the same facilities and retains the same ceilings, albero floors and some of the tunnels. These were built by Maestro Sierra himself in 1830, where the Anticuario Amontillados are still made using the criaderas and solera system. Today the winery is run by María del Carmen Borrego Pla. In addition, she is a professor of American History at the University of Seville.

Itzamar Castillo, Manuel Morales and Majorie Berroa

Bodegas el Maestro Sierra has recently been distinguished on two occasions as one of the 100 best wineries in the world by Wine Spirits, due to being one of the wineries with the oldest soleras and wines in the entire region.

about seed

Sembra Agencia de Vinos is a wine boutique that has been operating in the country since the beginning of 2014. Its brands are characterized by reflecting the history of the towns where they come from and the passion for details, perseverance and patience that they put into their winegrowers production.

Currently, Sembra represents different wineries attached to the “terroir”, such as Borsao, Remelluri, Raventós i Blanc, Pere Mata, Viña Zorzal, Albert Bichot and Gérard Bertrand, among others.

The complete portfolio of Sembra Agencia de Vinos can be found on its website or on his Instagram account, @SembraRD.

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