Separation from Marc Terenzi?  Jenny Elvers speaks out

It was only recently announced that Jenny Elvers and Marc Terenzi are a loving couple. A current one picture-Report according to the two, after only four months of relationship, there is currently a major crisis. The actress and the musician, who had been friends since 2016 before they sparked, have split. While Elvers celebrated her 50th birthday without Terenzi in Germany, he enjoyed Ballermann, reports the German newspaper.

Is everything over with Jenny Elvers and Marc Terenzi?

But what about the separation rumor? The couple seems to deny speculation about a relationship crisis. In any case, Terenzi congratulated Elvers quite heartily in a story on Instagram. “To the most wonderful woman,” shared the ex-husband of Sarah Connor Elvers in English on the occasion of her 50th birthday on May 11th. “You are unique and you make me laugh and that’s all that matters.” He also shared a photo in which the two can be seen visibly in love and deeply. The post was reposted by Elvers.

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