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Series Mania 2022: The World tomorrow, at the genesis of NTM and hip-hop culture [critique]

Series Mania 2022: The World tomorrow, at the genesis of NTM and hip-hop culture [critique]

Back to the origins of Kool Shen and JoeyStarr’s band. Stunning actors and great series potential.

As at the time ofYves Saint Laurent and of Saint Laurent, two similar projects are struggling to tell the same story. On the one hand Supremesreleased last November and which we had described in our pages as “ school musical biopic ” and of ” depressing succession of checkboxes “. The other, The world of tomorrow, on the exact same subject – the gestation and rise of NTM – but in serial format. Katell Quillévéré (Suzanne, Mending the Livings) and Hélier Cisterne (Vandal, Of Our Wounded Brothers) were they going to do better than Audrey Estrougo?

The first two episodes presented at Series Mania in international competition help settle the debate: it’s a technical knockout. There where Supremes focused stubbornly on the duo to the point of reciting their bios, The world of tomorrow widens the horizon by also recounting the birth of a French hip-hop culture. The beauty of it is that the show never does this at the expense of the characters and the genesis of NTM.

The staging is inspired and the actors amazing (Anthony Bajon is definitely destined for a great career), never in the caricature of those they embody. Through the fate of Kool Shen, JoeyStarr and Dee Nasty (less known to the general public, he is the first rap importer and DJ in France), The world of tomorrow imposes itself as much in the social and musical fresco as in its chronicle of a revolution in germ.

Tomorrow’s World, 6 x 52 minutes, soon on Arte.

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