In a Generous Country, Werne Nunez and Ivan Guerrero they reviewed together Joseph Bustamante from the podcast”You know nothing” of one of the series with the most nominations for the 2022 Emmys, severity.

What is Severance about?

In February, one of the series that has made the most noise so far in 2022 premiered on Apple TV +. “severance”a series created by Dan Erickson and directed almost entirely by Ben Stiller.

Erickson’s series introduces us, through nine episodes, in a retro-futuristic company in which personal life and work take on a radical meaning.


And it is that this is a place where workers are reduced to the minimum decision-making capacity. Because they are just blank versions of their outer selves who are unaware of everything that happens and exists outside of the offices.

This series plays with a concept called questions, you don’t know what they do and you come across something that may sound tempting but whoever you are working for is in an eternal working day. It’s one question after another, you don’t know what the teammates do.” Jose Bustamante noted.

The series features deadpan humor and psychological horror that evolves into a groundbreaking sci-fi story.

What do we know about the second season?

Listed as one of the best new shows of this 2022, Severance is already preparing for its second season. Nevertheless, There is still little information back to the new season.

According to TV Guide, the series could take a while to start shooting its second season. As far as is known, the series is still in pre-production.


To this is added the answer of Ben Stillewas a fan who asked him how long he would have to wait to see Severance again, to which Stiller he replied that everyone should collectively choose patience.

What we can deduce is that it will be inevitable to meet all the characters from the first season in the second installment of Severance. And it is that despite there being no official announcements, the end of the season leaves this possibility open.

If you haven’t seen Severance yet, we tell you that the nine chapters are available on AppleTV+.

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