Sex slaughterhouses and magic: The coolest Netflix series of 2023 finally has a start date

Few directors have achieved such cult status in the last 10 years as Drive-maker Nicolas Winding Refn. The Danish filmmaker has poured his penchant for neon lights, naked bodies and ultra-violent excesses into a Netflix series that finally has a release date. The new Copenhagen Cowboy trailer promises to be one of the most unique series next year. and reveals when Refn’s new epic will be released.

Check out the new English trailer of Copenhagen Cowboy here:

Copenhagen Cowboy – Trailer 2 (English)


Magic, sex and violence collide in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Netflix series

Copenhagen Cowboy tells the story of young Miu (Angela Bundalovic) who plunges into the underworld of the Danish capital Copenhagen in search of justice and revenge. There she meets madams and mafia members, serial killers and victims of human trafficking.

Nicolas Winding Refn, known for his hard-hitting Pusher trilogy, returns to his roots with the Danish-language series. But Copenhagen Cowboy also has the imprint that fans of movies like Only God Forgives have come to expect from the director. Here the gangster thriller meets the fantasy film blend into a unique neon light fairy tale.

When is Copenhagen Cowboy coming to Netflix?

As the new trailer reveals, the series on Netflix from January 5, 2023 be available. It will contain six episodes. In addition to Bundalovic, Refn’s daughter Lola Winding Refn and his long-time comrade-in-arms Zlatko Buric are also in front of the camera.

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