Cali and Noelle Sheldon

One of the stories that marked the last seasons of friends it was the arrival of Emma, ​​the baby who brings Rachel and Ross back together. When many believed that the characters would never return, it was revealed that they would become parents after a chance meeting.

Since his debut in season eight, the little girl has multiple appearances in the following chapters. However, this raised questions about how a show with so many chapters manages to record with a baby.

The truth is that, as in all the series that use babies, they are twins who played Emma in the seasons of friends. Thus, to avoid the stress that it can cause in the little ones, they took turns during his scenes.

The present of Emma’s actresses in Friends

When they were just babies, the sisters Cali and Noelle Sheldon they joined friends to play Emma. After four other babies made their birth scene, these twins they joined from season nine to ten.

Due to the fact that film and television productions have strict rules for working with minors, they had to have twins to complete the recordings. Thus, they could reduce each other’s work hours and share the stardom.

Cali and Noelle Sheldon

Since then enough has happened. After allthis 2022 marks 18 years since the last chapter of the sitcom premiered. However, Emma’s actresses do not forget the series and constantly make references to friends.

Currently, the sisters Cali and Noelle Sheldon are 19 years old and are still in the world of acting. In its Instagram They often share information about their new projects and interact with fans of the series that first led them to acting.


In fact, the twins completely switched genders and were part of Jordan Peele’s horror movie, US. In this one, they play sisters on the beach who meet the leading family.

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