Shrek 2: References as if it were raining!

The animated film returns tonight on Gulli. Ready for nods to The Little Mermaid, Spider-Man, ET, Lord of the Rings, Alien, and more. ?

After mistreating the tales of our childhood, Shrek 2 takes on the world of cinema and advertising. Diversions, winks, pastiches: a fierce festival of humor for our greatest pleasure. A film for the whole family to (re)watch tonight on Gulli.

In 2001, not content with happily dynamiting all the imposed figures of classic tales (the work of the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault goes through the grinder of his greedy humor), the cool ogre nailed the clichés of Disney mythology to the pillory . This is to say that the return of the insolent bogeyman was expected in 2004. If the creators of DreamWorks obviously kept the same parodic vein, this time they decided to revisit some great classics of the 7th art and the habits and customs of our era. Well it took them, this opus 2 is even more hilarious. Decryption of a pure moment of animated rock and roll under very strong influence.

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A cinephagous ogre
From the credits, the 7th art is in the spotlight. Borrowings with parodic sauce burst out: a real firework of humor in direct collusion with the public. The kiss on the beach of Shrek and Fiona refers to that, oh so mythical, of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr in As long as there will be men. But the couple of ogres are immediately disturbed by The Little Mermaid, who finds herself immediately bitten by the great white shark of the Sea teeth. As for the wedding, the golden wedding band is inspired by the precious ring of the Lord of the Rings and the reverse kiss is that of Spiderman. And all of episode 2 is in keeping with this festival of cinephile quotes. Alien, King Kong, Indiana Jones, Beauty and the Beast, among others, are invited to the fiesta. If we were to award the prize for laughter, it would go to the sequence where Pinocchio, hanging on by a pink thong, apes Tom Cruise in Impossible mission. Unless Puss in Boots is reenacting the famous torrid shower of flash dance have your preference. And all these sequences fit perfectly into the story. Hats off! For the authors, anchoring in the world of cinema proves to be a great opportunity to tackle the chic and fake microcosm of Los Angeles with laughter.

A publishing ogre
Like cinema, advertising today belongs to popular culture. The arrival of the princely couple in Fort Fort Lointain is an opportunity to pin down the dictatorship of appearances, show-off, the cult of money and celebrity of our modern era in general and of Hollywood in particular. Thus, Prince Charming wears a sumptuous blond mane and does not hesitate to take over the famous ” Because he deserves it “ from L’Oreal. Brand names, Gap, Versace, Starbuck, Abercombie, Burger King… are shamelessly hijacked while a flamboyant Ferrari is towed by six steeds. Guaranteed 100% funny effect.
Julien Barcilon

40 Years of Hollywood Blockbusters: Shrek 2 (2004)

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