Side swipe: William makes fun of Kate's unfulfilled desire to have children

Kate and William have now been to Scotland for a two-day visit as part of their current Royal Tour. They also attended an elementary school in Glasgow, where Kate again cuddled a baby. Noting the mother-of-three’s delight at the child, her husband again joked, “Can you get my wife out of here before she gets thoughtful?”

Duchess Kate wants more children – Prince William does not

The baby plans of the two royals are repeatedly discussed in the course of their performances. Catherine noted during her solo trip to Denmark in February that she actually often thinks about having another child. She and her husband do not seem to agree on further offspring. “William always worries when I meet up with under-1-year-olds. I come home and say, ‘Let’s have one more,'” the Duchess of Cambridge admitted earlier this year.

Their different views on having children were also hinted at in 2019 when Kate met a five-month-old baby during a performance. The baby’s father asked bluntly at the time, “Baby number four?” Kate replied, laughing, “I think William would be a little worried.” The mother of three also confided to a royal fan during an appearance in 2020: “I don’t think William wants more.”

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