Sierra Torride / Clint Eastwood the last legend: the special evening of Arte is worth the detour

The 7th channel shares a touching, musical and moving portrait of the 92-year-old star.

In Mexico, in the middle of the 19th century, a mercenary, Hogan, carried out a reconnaissance mission. Along the way, he frees a woman from the clutches of three scoundrels. To his great surprise, it is a nun, Sister Sara, wanted by the French army for having collected funds for the benefit of the Mexican partisans. Hogan, himself employed by the rebels, then offers to travel together. A rich idea, which he can only welcome when he discovers that Sister Sara knows perfectly the fortifications of the city of Chihuahua, which he must precisely invest. But an impromptu attack by the Indians complicates the situation…

Arte will rebroadcast this weekend, Sierra Torrida western by Don Siegel worn by Shirley MacLaine and Clint Eastwood. Then, at 10:45 p.m., the channel will offer a new documentary (and already visible in replay) about the American comedian and filmmaker titled Clint Eastwood the last legend. A rich portrait of the 92-year-old star, still active to this day, signed Clélia Cohen. A journalist passionate about cinema, she has already devoted very interesting films to John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, Jane Birkin or even Indiana Jones and Emmanuelle, for the same channel.

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Couldn’t fit Clint’s busy career into the traditional 52-minute format: The star’s journey Good, the Bad and the Ugly is exceptionally narrated over 1h17. And what a journey! From his initial passion for jazz to his straightforward way of filming his old age, Clint Eastwood’s life is told here in motion. Often on the road, this actor revealed by television, but truly became a star by exploding the codes of westerns with Sergio Leone, has continued to advance, to trace his path despite the sometimes virulent criticism of the profession (in a striking archive, the influential Pauline Kael assassinates her character in front of the camera Inspector Harry, then his words are counterbalanced by those of Martin Scorsese, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Orson Welles, all amazed by his work). His thrillers and westerns conceived with Don Siegel were particularly badly received, giving him a brutal image, even if the star found in this director a model, a “cinema father” who will influence him a lot when he decides to go behind the camera. Because once at the top, Clint feels that his future will take shape more as a director and producer, via his company Malpaso, than as an actor, even if he will continue to shoot, often for himself, taking charge his career as few artists have been able to do. A way of constantly changing his image: with his 1992 masterpiece, Ruthless, he notably questions his own violence on screen. It also reveals a softer and more romantic facet thanks to On the road to Madison, three years later. And continues to perform regularly at 70, 80, 90… filming his own evolution, and therefore his old age, in an exceptional way in Hollywood.

An evening that First advise you, therefore. And stay well until the end of the documentary: the last (good) words of Clint should mark you for a long time.

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