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Silvia Abravanel surprises when asked who she will vote for

Rafael Carvalho

Silvia Abravanel, one of the heirs of Silvio Santos feels lazy when it comes to politics. The SBT presenter said that she already knows who she will vote for in the elections, but hates talking about it and will not reveal the chosen one.

“I don’t understand much about politics and I don’t talk about it. People change their opinion all the time, there are polarizations and discussions. I don’t like this atmosphere of hostility, aggression”, he declared in an interview with Folha de S. Paulo.



“I have my candidate, my position, but it’s kept for me. I don’t take a stand publicly,” she admitted.

Still in the chat, the beauty defended Silvio Santos of controversial statements throughout his career. According to her, he always treats everyone with respect, and sometimes ends up losing the filter.

“Television, the artistic medium in general, has always been a free territory. A territory for gays, transvestites, and my dad always treated everyone with respect, and he taught us that. The thing is, my dad doesn’t have a filter. He is spontaneous and whatever he says, many people already take him to another side, which in fact was not that one”, he said.

don’t be offended

Already in conversation with Guys, Silvia Abravanel highlighted that there are people who try to offend you by talking about your personal life. According to her, she is not offended to hear that she was adopted by the Abravanel family, since she is surrounded by people who welcomed her throughout her existence.

“Sometimes when I make a mistake on television, people call me names and say, ‘Don’t forget you’re adopted!’ They think it offends or attacks me. Adoption is not a reason for aggression, for offense. Adoption is an act of love, of affection. I have my biological mother, who I don’t know! I am very grateful, because she gave me life, generated me for nine months. I don’t judge the reasons why she gave it to me,” she reported.

“I have my mother Cidinha, on record, who adopted me, she was my first mother. I have Zilda, who has been my father’s secretary for over 50 years, whom I adopted as my mother. And I have Iris, who at 5 years old asked her: ‘can I call you mother?’, because I didn’t have my mother anymore, she had already passed away. We always got along great! Very friends, partners”, argued the star.

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