Simaria appears with a powerful look and steals the scene

The singer Simaria Mendesduo with Simone, celebrated in grand style their reaching forty. This Thursday (16), the famous used her Instagram profile to share a devastating record for the date.

In the post, the artist appeared with a super sensual look composed of a low-cut white bodysuit and a white flowing robe. The clicks were made at the beginning of the week, during the party to celebrate his birthday.

“16.06.2022! Celebrate life biluxes and biluxos, I love you”, she wrote in the caption of the publication to her more than 30 million followers.

Among the comments, several netizens took advantage of the moment to send messages congratulating the birthday and, of course, also praising the stylish look. “Happy birthday, wonderful”, wished former BBB Ariadna Arantes.

“Congratulations dear and good health always ❤️”, reacted the presenter Eliana. “It was too beautiful”, wrote an admirer of the sertaneja. “Congratulations my love! God bless you always ❤️❤️❤️❤️”, said another.

simaria got sick

Amid the crisis in her career with her sister, singer Simaria Mendes decided to take a break from his concert schedule. In a statement shared on her social media, the famous told the reason for her followers.

“RSS Produções Artísticas e Entretenimento, the office responsible for managing the careers of Simone and Simaria, announces that Simaria Mendes, due to medical reasons, will not be able to meet the schedule of appointments (shows). My loves, singing is everything I love most, but right now I need to get away from the stage to take care of my health. Certain that we will meet again soon, be the second voice of my sister, Simone, in my absence. We’ll meet again soon’. All of Simone & Simaria’s commitments will be fulfilled by the artist Simone Mendes.

controversy at work

This week, Simaria ended up causing controversy when he gave an interview to journalist Leo Dias, in which he exposes some internal confusions at work with Simone. She said she always gets blamed by her sister.

“Our relationship offstage is amazing. We are sisters, this is eternal. Off stage works better than on stage. One is entrepreneurial and the other is kind of ‘it’s okay’. You know when people complicate and make up stories and want to put poison and shit where there’s none? The Mouse part was my cry for help. In everything I’m going to do, I’m criticized by Simone. Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend twenty-odd years of your life being told to shut up and not be yourself? Are you yourself? I’m not ashamed to speak the truth,” she said.

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