Simaria makes shocking revelations and exposes the reason for the separation

In August of last year, simaria announced the end of her 14-year marriage to the Spanish businessman Vicente Escrig. Almost a year later, the singer gave a revealing interview to columnist Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, and made shocking statements about the real reasons that led to the breakup.

The artist explained that, contrary to what many people think, distance was not the reason for the separation, since the ex always lived in Brazil with her. However, some behaviors made Simaria make the decision to divorce the father of her two children. “My breakup, I lost admiration. You know when you look and… too many different lives”she began, which highlighted some situations that bothered her in the relationship.

“Instead of him doing this part of the house, he didn’t help me. I did everything. Then I thought ‘what is this guy doing here?‘ And I started watching. I spent 10 months looking. The love I felt had already died. Everything I felt, since the trip to Spain that I went to rest, I would go out, I would look at the gestures and attitudes and I thought ‘damn this is not what I want more for myself’. Then I came back from Spain decided”explained the famous.

According to the country artist, the decision was taken together on Valentine’s Day last year. At the time, they had a very heartfelt conversation.

“He invited me to dinner on Valentine’s Day. You know when you sit at the table and don’t recognize the person who was sitting? I came back from the restaurant focused on my songs, I thought the decision was already made, I arrived at my house, he stopped the car, ‘anything I say now won’t work anymore’ [perguntou ele]’surely, the only certainty I have in my life is that I don’t want you anymore [respondeu ela]”detailed Simaria.

Finally, the famous highlighted that it has been great these months single. “It was liberating, I always dreamed of living alone”, declared the singer.

Check out Simaria’s interview in full:

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Remember the separation announcement

The announcement of the separation was published by Simaria herself through her social networks on August 16, 2021. At the time, she posted a montage of a “torn photo” with Vicente Escrig and in the caption, he explained about the decision:

“My loves, good afternoon! Before the news gets out, I’ll tell you myself! I inform everyone that my relationship with Vicente came to an end after 14 years. It was a well thought out decision, very clearly. We had beautiful moments together, two wonderful children, who are our greatest riches. I ask God that Vicente is very happy, because he deserves it.”, started.

“I want to thank you in advance for everyone’s support. I intend, from now on, to be even happier, even without the man I once loved so much. I take the opportunity to reassure my fans and say I’m fine. Any change that happens for the better will always be welcome! We will continue to write our lives, with beautiful stories, regardless of whether we are together or not.”finished.

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