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After defending Claudia Leitte who was booed in favor of president-elect Lula, during a show, Simaria vented during his participation in PodCats that he did not vote for any politician in that year’s elections. According to herself, she no longer believes in any of them.

Still according to her, in the past the system left her silent, different from the current situation. But, even though she doesn’t like to talk about politics, if necessary, she sees no problem revealing herself on the subject.



“Actually, what shut me up my whole life were the people, the system around me. If I had to speak openly about this topic, I would. The system shut me up. Not today. If you asked me who I voted for, I would say no. Do you want to know who I voted for? Ask me “, said the muse, who when questioned by Lucas Guimarães about her vote, she said she had not voted for anyone.

“In no one, that I lost my faith. Everything motherfucker*”, I lost faith, but I think there are thousands of people who lost it too and don’t have the courage to admit it. I don’t know what’s going to happen, because we’ve already been taking a lot of beatings”, revealed the sertaneja.

Simaria at Fantástico

In recent weeks, Simaria gave an interview to Fantástico, from Globo, and commented on the end of the duo with sister Simone Mendes. According to her, when the interview with journalist Léo Dias was aired, she was already psychologically shaken.

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“I can’t help but ask you about a speech that had a lot of repercussions, that you felt very pressured by Simone and that this was one of the reasons you would like to separate, end the partnership”, questioned Renata Ceribelli.

“It’s not even that I would want to separate. I was extremely vulnerable in that interview I gave, tired, voiceless, hoarse, exhausted, you know, noticing some things that I wasn’t enjoying at work, putting everything together and there came a time when I said: ‘Guys, I can’t take it anymore that’, replied the muse.

In the chat, she clarified that she had settled with her younger sister; “But then we talked. We understand each other. She came here at home. She said, it was careful, my sister. My sister, but she was suffocating me. We talked, we understood each other. In life, today we are partners, sisters, ”she said.

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