Simaria showed once again why he always draws the attention of his fans and followers with his bold posts on social networks. On her Twitter account this Wednesday (23), the singer caused an uproar by sharing a snap wearing a minimalist summer piece.

On the occasion, Simone Mendes’ sister chose to go on a boat a set of white bikini, with thin straps, which left her spectacular body in the spotlight. In addition, the famous drew attention by completing her look beyond stylish.



🇧🇷Get used to my new version”, she wrote in the caption of the post, which quickly had more than 4,000 likes. In the comments, an internet user wrote: “Hello, the former Simaria cannot speak now”, she said. “The ancient Simaria died…”, she snapped.

“Beautiful and wonderful,” said an admirer. “You look sensational,” said a follower. “Wow how pretty,” commented one boy. “Too spectacular”, drooled an admirer. “The brunette of my dreams”, praised a fan of the singer. “Think of a beautiful woman,” joked another.

Simaria (Reproduction/Instagram)

Simone commented on solo career

After announcing the end of the duo with sister Simaria in August, Simone Mendes has begun to stand out in her solo career. Recently, for example, the singer revealed that has invested in dancers to assist him in his performances.

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“To give the stage an extra boost and fill, so to speak, I put on two backing vocals that dance and help me a lot. After all, now I have to dance, I have to sing, I have to cheer people up and I have to make people laugh. It’s a lot of work”, said Simone in an interview with Balanço Geral SP, from Record TV.

“I selected some things, I scheduled auditions with composers from all over Brazil and then we asked for opinions, I picked Eduardo Pepato [produtor] to give me some advice, my husband [Kaká Diniz], my manager, my brother and then we start building. I also listen to the voice of my heart”, she said.

The separation of the singers happened in the midst of several controversies about the personal relationship between them. On the occasion, for example, the singer Simaria gave an interview and said that her sister was annulling her.

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