Singer Iza talks about her origins: “Proud where I came from”

Increasingly successful throughout Brazil, the singer Iza don’t forget your origins. The artist, who was born in the neighborhood of Olaria, located in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, spoke about her roots during an exclusive interview with UOL’s Splash portal. During the chat, she said that she wants other people to be proud of her trajectories too.

“It’s a way to remember and be grateful for everything that has happened in my life, and also to show how proud I am of where I came from and of everything I’ve achieved. But most of all, I want other people to be proud of their stories too and of being who they are.“, observed the famous.

be inspiration

At another point, Iza explains that she likes to feel that she is an inspiration to other people. “I always want to inspire people to do what they love and always fight for their dreams.“, she said, who turned the names of some of her hits into nail polish names in partnership with a famous brand.

I always wanted to have a nail polish line, I love to paint my nails and my grandmother was a salon owner. I felt a great nostalgia in sharing with the public the trajectory of my life, and I realized that it is the power of our roots that leads us to be who we are today”, he concluded.

Iza wants to be a mom

Recently, Iza spoke about her personal life during another interview. She talked to Caras magazine and talked about her marriage with her husband, the producer Sérgio Santos. She revealed that she has the big dream of being a mom and believes that it can happen soon.

“Motherhood has always been a dream for me. I’m crazy about children and so is Sérgio. And we are passionate about the idea of ​​having a family. So, yes, we think about opening this factory for children soon and we don’t want just one, no“, he said.


In another passage, the carioca talked about how she manages to maintain the beauty that draws so much attention. “I think living well, being hydrated and happy is sure to make you feel more beautiful.. I think it’s very subjective. What is beauty?” he asks.

I can say that I feel very happy the way I am, I feel more and more comfortable to understand that our body changes over time. I make a point of saying how natural it is to lose weight, to gain weight, to live well with it, because our life is made up of phases and what we cannot do without is to enjoy all the best things that life has to offer”, he concluded.

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