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Solange Almeida shows off her body with a summer piece and warns: “It has arrived”

Flay appears with a white summer piece and shows off her body

About to turn 48 years old, Solange Almeida left his followers impressed by sharing a click very easily. On her Instagram account, the singer appeared wearing a summer piece and is in good shape.

In the image, Solange Almeida appeared in a selfie wearing a minimalist green bikini, in which her toned body was highlighted. In the caption of the publication, the artist celebrated the arrival of the month of August, where he completes another year of life.



“My month has arrived! Welcome August. Towards 48. Enjoy and let the sun enter the house!!!! Appreciate yourself, after all you are a diamond”, she wrote in the post, which received more than 33 thousand likes.

“Most beautiful thing,” said one follower. “Beautiful and talented”, drooled an internet user. “You are beautiful,” said one user. “Jeez woman, what a body is that”, said a fan of the singer.

Check out Solange Almeida’s post on social media:

Remembered criticism of your body

Not long ago, Solange Almeida used her social media to recall the numerous criticisms she received regarding the change in her body throughout her career. At the time, she reported that she received many judgments even after her bariatric surgery.

The singer shared a very different photo of her current body and said that she suffered many attacks because she was thinner.

“Good afternoon Loves! This is me, early 2009, after undergoing bariatric surgery in 2008. I suffered several attacks from people for being too thin. When I weighed 120 kg I was the whale, when I reached 55 kg I was sick, I had anorexia, HIV, cancer, bulimia…”, she said.

Sol Almeida said that he decided to vent after seeing a situation in which Rafa Kalimann lived, where he was harshly criticized on his social networks: “I woke up and saw Rafa Kalimann being bombed by several people”, she said.

“Hey, what’s our beauty standard? Is it what people want or what we look at in the mirror and love what we see?” she said.

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