Song Contest-Aus for Austria: "Life goes on"

“It’s a music competition, so it’s about the subjective opinion. You may like it or you don’t like it. And in that case you obviously didn’t like it that much. But it was a super awesome experience,” said the 19-year-old after the end .

The 18-year-old Pia Maria also tried to see the positive side of the evening in the Pala Olimpico: “We were still able to convey the fun when you look at the hall, Oida! Everyone stood up. The feeling is for me worth an awful lot – even if it’s a shame, of course, because you expected something different. But people: That’s life!” And the Tyrolean then recorded a personal success after the end of the voting: “I didn’t blare – that’s a miracle for me.”

In any case, he has no explanation for the surprising end of the duo in the semifinals, underlined the successful DJ LUM!X. He still believes in the song. “The performance was amazing, the people went along with it – you can’t ask for more than an entertainer on a stage. In the end we performed for the people in the hall. Unfortunately we didn’t get them on TV, but they do it majority of the votes.”

So now it’s about the future, emphasizes Luca Michlmayr: “We will continue to make music, it doesn’t stop here.” Both musicians want to release new songs on June 3rd: “Life goes on.”

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