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Sonia Abrão detonates Maisa and generates revolt on the web: “Boring and unsympathetic”

Sonia Abrão detonates Maisa and generates revolt on the web: “Boring and unsympathetic”

the presenter Sonia Abram caused the biggest controversy this Wednesday (22), after exposing an opinion about the rumors involving the hiring of Maisa by TV Globo. The former SBT has been tipped to take charge of Video Show in 2023.

In her gossip circle with journalists on the program A Tarde é Sua (RedeTV!), Sônia confessed that she doesn’t like Maisa very much. She stated that I don’t see so much talent from the young woman artist as some people point out.

“I think Maisa as an anchor on the ‘Video Show’ is absurd. With all due respect, I was never able to see in Maisa all that people see. I think Maisa is boring, unfriendly, I don’t think she did well on the show she did on SBT. This story of just her on the bench won’t last long. If I’m wrong, I’ll bite my tongue and swallow what I’m saying. I don’t think it lasts long,” she opined.

Sonia added that it would be better if Maisa continued working on her projects. Currently, the young woman is in attractions on closed TV and streaming, where she has had great success with films and series.

“I wouldn’t give Maisa any program. Leave her on pay TV doing a series or a character, leave her there”, said the journalist, who completed saying that Ana Clara would be the best choice to take over the program in the afternoons of the carioca station.

“Now to call her to the bench as a program like the ‘Video Show’, a program that is going through decades in such a drastic change, I prefer Ana Clara a thousand times”, concluded Sonia Abrão.

bad repercussion

On social media, Sonia’s opinion did not please many netizens, who gathered to detonate the journalist. On Twitter, the name of the famous came to be among the most popular topics throughout the day.

“Sônia Abrão’s criticism is the best parameter to know if the person is succeeding in life. If she’s talking bad, it’s because the person is on the right path #AtardeESua”, said one person.

“Sonia Abrão saying that someone is ‘boring and unsympathetic’ kkkk lack of common sense of those who have the nickname ‘Brazilian TV vulture’ and called a kidnapper live, looking like an absurd thing from a series style The Boys”, countered another .

Despite not having anything confirmed, Maisa’s name has been discreetly appearing in several conversations about the return of the Video Show. In addition, the presenter has been a fixture on TV Globo’s programs for a few months, which has reinforced the rumors.

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