sons of tenorio pantanal 1990

The sons of Tenório Pantanal 1990 were played by Tarcísio Filho, Ernesto Piccolo and Eduardo Cardoso. Marcelo, Renato and Roberto are the result of Murilo Benício’s character’s relationship with Zuleica (Aline Borges), his second wife. Soon, the boys will move to the Pantanal region with their mother.

Tarcísio Filho played Marcelo – Filhos do Tenório Pantanal 1990

Marcelo is the eldest son of Tenório and Zuleica. In 1990, it was Tarcísio Filho who played the boy. It was from him that Guta (Julia Dalavia) discovered that her father had a second family. The two met at a university party and fell in love, but the young woman saw her father’s name and photo on the boy’s cell phone and abandoned him. However, if Bruno Luperi sticks to the original script, the two should have a happy ending.

Tarcísio Filho has famous parents: he is the result of the marriage of Tarcísio Meira and Glória Menezes, and stands out for his resemblance to his father. His last work on television was last year, in the series Passport to Freedom.

In the remake being shown on Globo, the character was with Lucas Leto. This is the 23-year-old actor’s second television role, who played Waguinho in Bom Sucesso, a 7pm soap opera shown on Globo between 2019 and 2020.

Tarcisio 1
Luciene adami and tarcísio Filho played gutta and marcelo in swampland – photo: reproduction/tv headline

Ernesto Piccolo played Renato

In 1990, Renato was played by Ernesto Piccolo. The actor follows an artistic career at the age of 60 – his last work on television was in 2019, when he was on the series Detetives do Prédio Azul. At Globo, he participated in Beleza Pura (2008), Wish Forbidden (2008), Sob Nova Direction (2006), Alma Gêmea (2005), Malhação (2000), among others.

In addition to Pantanal, he participated in other TV Manchete works, the soap operas Kananga do Japão (1989) and A História de Ana Raio and Zé Trovão (1990).

Renato is being played by Gabriel Santana in the remake being shown on Globo. He became well known for playing Mosca, one of the protagonists of the remake of Chiquititas, shown by SBT in 2013. He was also in Malhação in 2019.

Ernesto piccolo was the first interpreter of renato – photo: reproduction/tv headline

Eduardo Cardoso played Roberto – Filhos do Tenório Pantanal 1990

Unlike the other two actors, Eduardo Cardoso abandoned his artistic career and has lived in the United States for 22 years. He works as a civil servant in a company similar to the Correios in Brazil, is married and the father of four children, according to information from the Extra newspaper.

“I came here to try to save a marriage, live the American dream and escape the violence of Rio. I had a gun pointed twice at my head. I had my acting career in Brazil, but I decided to move to another country”, he said in an interview with the vehicle.

His character in the novel has a tragic end. Roberto is swallowed by an anaconda while walking alone in the Pantanal. His body is not found until a few days later, much to the dismay of his parents. It is not yet known if the outcome of the character, who is being played by Cauê Campos in the remake, will be maintained.

Eduardo cardoso, o roberto, in pantanal 1990 – photo: reproduction/tv headline

Who played Zuleica?

Zuleica was played by actress Rosamaria Murtinho, who stood out in Kananga de Japão (1989), also on TV Manchete, and took on the role of Tenório’s second wife.

Today, she is 86 years old. His last work on television was in A Dona do Pedaço (2019), by Globo. She is one of the most famous Brazilian actresses and has acted in more than 40 dramaturgy projects.

In the remake, the role went to Aline Borges. In the actress’s resume, there are works such as Verdades Secretas II (2021), Totalmente Demais (2015), Mortal Sin (2013), among others.

Zuleica 1
Rosamaria murtinho played zuleica – photo: reproduction/tv headline

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