SPOILERS.  Married at first sight: second assessment, who is still with whom?

Their second report of Married at first sight has sounded. Cyndie and Jauffrey and Jennnifer and Eddy walked past the experts. Have they decided to stay married? Answer with Télé Star. WARNING, 100% spoiler article.

After an initial mixed assessment, two other pairs of Married at first sight made an important decision. Indeed, in the episode of Monday June 20, 2022 broadcast on M6, it was Cyndie and Jauffrey and Eddy and Jennifer who went before the experts to announce their decision to stay married, or not. For the first couple, the balance sheet was a bit complicated. In front of Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter, Cyndie expressed all these questions and especially her misunderstandings. “During the honeymoon I was quite observant (…) I had a lot of little things that made me wonder if I was going to have my place in his life. wasn’t too interested in me but I couldn’t see myself telling Jauffrey” Cyndie explained to the experts. A shock revelation for the former professional swimmer. “I don’t understand (…) I thought we got along well, I take a blow behind the head there” then entrusted the newlywed to the confessional.

Married at first sight: a divorce in sight

If she did not want to offend Jauffrey, Cyndie unfortunately did worse while waiting for the balance sheet of her marriage to talk about this situation. She also criticized Jauffrey for not taking too much from her. “It’s complicated because you don’t live in the same place and the telephone is a way to reduce the distance” pointed out Estelle Dossin. Surprised, the experts then learned that the couple did not have time to see each other. Not enough to announce a bright future. “We still feel that there is something that is becoming complicated” raised Estelle Dossin. Having quickly had a feeling of routine, Cyndie really insisted on her disappointment, she who wanted at all costs to build a family life. If she tried to convey her message through humor, the young woman did not make herself understood by Jauffrey. “I would have tried to change but maybe the result would have been the same (…) I can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” for his part declared the groom. Eventually, Cyndie and Jauffrey made the decision to… divorce ! “I’m disappointed because I thought it was okay” concluded the close friend of Florent Manaudau. So they returned their wedding rings.

For their part, Eddy and Jennifer also arrived at the balance sheet without much hope. At the request of the experts, they spent a week without seeing or speaking to each other. “I really don’t know what she’s going to tell me and I myself don’t know what I’m going to decide” Eddy said in voice-over. “I don’t feel very well and confident” for his part assured Jennifer. After reviewing images of their wedding, the two bride and groom spoke of their blockage. “I protect myself to avoid being hurt” explained the mother of the family who had come in costume and not in a wedding dress. If they have not come closer physically since their union, the two candidates also have a lot of trouble communicating but recognize that they are good together. “Eddy inspires confidence in me” admitted Jennifer, however. Enough to give a smile to the main person concerned. In conclusion, Eddy and Jennifer thus made the decision to stay married. “If we want to know if it’s going to work, we have to continue” concluded the young woman of 31 years.

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