"Stank of death": Sylvester Stallone's only horror role flopped even before it was released in cinemas
Sylvester Stallone’s action roles are so iconic that every child knows them. Comparatively few are likely to be familiar with his only horror role. And that has its reasons. In D-Tox – In the Eye of Fear

from 2002 he plays an FBI agent and suicidal alcoholic, who is chasing a serial killer in a rehab clinic. According to Stallone, what actually sounds terrific failed long before the theatrical release. And in between had one of the worst titles ever.

Sylvester Stallone’s horror film became a disaster after filming was completed

Stallone explained in an online conversation in 2006 Ain’t It Cool :

D-Tox failed for one simple reason. Films are delicate creatures. One of the producers got out and the film was immediately considered damaged goods. At the end of the shoot, there were budget issues and a dispute between the director and the studio. After a year in the poison closet, we reshot scenes. The test screenings then went ok. But the film stank of death.

Check out the trailer for D-Tox here:

D-Tox – Trailer (German)


Despite the reshot finale, producer Universal wasn’t interested in the film. Three years after the first shooting ended, another company released it on a smaller scale. And the criticism tore him apart immediately.

Should be actively avoided“, is the recommendation Rotten Tomatoes , Variety Call him “a[en] Further[n] Nail in Sylvester Stallone’s popularity coffin“. Boring [und] formulaic“, writes the BBC .

D-Tox remained the action star’s only horror film

That the film meanwhile marketed under the incredible title Eye See You was, will not have helped. (What’s the millennium got to do with its stupid puns? Cradle 2 the Grave? 2 Fast 2 Furious? Are these the growing pains of the online age?) But he still has a following, as the talk on Ain’t It Cool proves.

Stallone never returned to the horror genre after that, and that’s saying something. After all, the action star has also played in musicals as a singing taxi driver. It’s heartbreaking to see a film fail before your very eyes. Actually, D-Tox is a cult community to wish for. Even if he doesn’t deserve it.

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