Star Academy: for how many hours are the students not filmed each day?

This Saturday, November 19, Stanislas, eliminated last week from the Star Academy, was invited to the show We redid the TV on RTL. Faced with Jade and Éric Dussart, the young man revealed how many hours a day the candidates of the show were not filmed by the cameras of TF1.

The end is coming. This Saturday, November 19, TF1 is broadcasting the semi-final of the Star Academy. Léa, Anisha, Chris, Enola and Tiana will thus try to win their place for the grand final. For his part, Louis is already guaranteed to be present at the ultimate bonus, having obtained the best marks in the last evaluations. A great evening in which would also have dreamed of participating Julian and Stanislas, unfortunately eliminated last week. But since leaving the castle, the two apprentice singers have multiplied their appearances in the media. This November 19, Stanislas also returned to his adventure during an interview with Jade and Éric Dussart in We redo the TV on RTL.

During the interview, the host notably wanted to know if the Star Academy candidates had access, as in previous seasons, to a CSA room, where they can meet to discuss, away from the cameras. We don’t have a CSA room. But we have CSA breaks in the dayrevealed Stanislas, specifying that these breaks, during which the cameras are cut, lasted two hours.

Stanislas very touched by the hundreds of messages he received

Éric Dussart also asked the former academician how the reunion with his phone had gone since he left the castle. Indeed, during their time on the show, the candidates of the Star Academy are completely deprived of their laptops and only have one minute of telephone per day to exchange with their loved ones. But the night of his release, Stanislas decided not to look at his phone. “I said to myself: ‘not right away, take the time to come down and afterwards, you will turn it on again’“, confided the young man, before seizing it a few hours later and discovering that he had received hundreds of notifications. “We want to respond to all our loved ones, we want to respond to everyone. But we do our best, and I do my best, I try to respond to everyone. But there are so many messages of love, it warms the heart”, rejoiced Stanislas.

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