Star Academy: Léa bursts into tears during the debriefing of the bonus after the departure of Tiana

This Sunday, November 20, the four Star Academy finalists debriefed the semi-final bonus. A particularly difficult moment for Léa, who burst into tears when she mentioned her friend Tiana, eliminated from the show the day before.

An evening full of emotions. This Saturday, November 19, TF1 broadcast the semi-finals of theStar Academy. And for this great evening, there were only six in the running: Tiana, Anisha, Enola, Chris, Léa and Louis, who had already won his place in the final thanks to excellent evaluations. But at the end of this penultimate bonus before the final scheduled for November 26, only Anisha, Enola and Léa, saved by the public, joined Louis in the final four.As for Chris and Tiana, they had to leave the adventure. A particularly difficult elimination to collect for Léa, very close to Tiana since the start of the show.

This Sunday, November 20, during the live broadcast on MYTF1 MAX, the four finalists joined Michael Goldman and Laure Balon for the last debrief of this season. During the discussions, Léa returned to this evening, which was particularly moving for her. “I was good. I really liked my moment with Marc Lavoine. I was a little sad deep down because I knew there was going to be an end (…) a separation… Since the songs were so sad, it reminded me of sadness all the time, it hurt me all the time. I think I didn’t show it at all, I handled it well.”confided the young singer.

Léa: “it hurts me too much”

Very moved, Léa then wanted to share her little discomfort. “I’m very sensitive today, I don’t know what I have”, she said. “Is that Tiana?” then asked Michael Goldman. “Yes, It breaks my heart and I didn’t expect it so much”replied in tears Léa, before adding: “as she is younger than me (…) Deep down, I tell myself that maybe she will doubt herself (…) It hurts me, it’s borderline like my little sister and I say to him: ‘Here, take my place’ (…) and I know that I cannot do it, suddenly it kills me, it hurts me too much”. The academician then wished to congratulate her friend for her very fine career. “I am very proud of her, for me she really won. This is my greatest gift to Star Academy (…) She’s a personality (…) I really found someone sincere (…) When I’m with her, I’m 100% confident“, she concluded.

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