Star Academy: Magali Vaé would like to make a major change to the show

The former Star Academy candidates confided in the columns of Le Parisien, this Thursday, May 5. The opportunity for Magali Vaé to discuss a change that she would like to make to the new edition of the program.

It is now official, the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, which welcomed Grégory Lemarchal, Jenifer, Nolwenn Leroy or even Elodie Frégé is opening its doors again. “‘Star Academy’, the most famous school reopens for a new season soon on TF1“, broadcast TF1 during the episode of Koh-Lanta this Tuesday, May 3. News to which former candidates quickly reacted in the columns of Le Parisien today. The opportunity for Magali Vaé to discuss a very important, which she would like to bring to the new edition of the program.”It would take classes to learn how to make an album“, she first explained. “At 18, we follow the movement, we trust”, she continued before adding: “I would have done things differently if I had known“However, she has fond memories of her time on the show.”This place means so much to me. The last time I went there was for the special bonus when Grégory Lemarchal disappeared. It would be good to come back“, she concluded.

In the columns of the media, many have mentioned the return of the Star Academy. “It’s normal that it resumes: the story was not over”, first asserted Jean-Pascal Lacoste. “It’s a new era for Star Academy. The candidates who will integrate the program were very small when I won”, continues Cyril Cinélu, who won the sixth season. Subsequently, however, he expressed some doubts about the reality TV aspect of the show: “I hope the Star Ac will keep its beautiful soul. For us, it was a school of life, there was no room for clashes and arguments. Don’t forget that it is first and foremost work!“, he recalled. An important point since reality TV has been very much in the spotlight over the years and the candidates know how to be on the front of the stage.

Star Academy: what do the teachers think of this return?

The candidates marked the viewers but also the teachers. There is in particular Kamel Ouali, the dance coach, who was delighted with this return. “It is a place that imposes. And this is important, both for the public and for the students. It’s an academy, it’s something very big, he asserted. There is also Oscar Sisto, the theater teacher, who assured: “It was a necessary return. It is a program that has marked people. And which has something different from other programs“. Afterwards, he mentioned the same doubts regarding the reality TV aspect. At one time, we may have filmed them a little too much in their underwear, messing around rather than during lessons. It must not become Les Marseillais on vacation“, he concluded.


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