Star Academy: which stars are invited for the semi-final bonus?

This Saturday, November 19, TF1 is broadcasting the Star Academy semi-final. Which stars are invited to sing with the candidates for the occasion? We tell you everything!

They will be six candidates to compete tonight to fight their way to the Star Academy Finals. The finish line is indeed not very far for Anisha, Enola, Léa, Tiana, Louis and Chris. However, only one of them will have the chance to sign a contract with a record company in addition to pocketing a check worth 100,000 euros at the end of the final on November 26 on TF1. We will therefore have to fight tonight to win the precious sesame. Two candidates will have to leave the adventure after the semi-final of star Academy. An event for which TF1 has put the small dishes in the big ones.

Last Monday, Lucie Bernardoni and Marlene Schaff revealed to the candidates the list of guests who will come and give voice to them this evening. We thus anticipate Chris, Louis and Anisha. To sing “Rich” with Claudio Capéowhile Enola, Anisha, Tiana and Léa could well sing “I forgot everything” with Marc Lavoine. Louis and Léa will have to jostle to hum “Breathe again” with Clara Luciani. Ditto for Louis and Chris, two candidates approached alongside Vianney (“Call on me“). The competition also promises to be tough between each student to sing with Patrick Bruel. In short, the evening is already shaping up to be particularly extraordinary!

This very good news for Star Academy fans

For the takeover of Star Academy, TF1 had the very good idea of ​​allowing viewers to follow their candidates live on the internet. To the fans particularly touched by the performances of the seeds of stars, the production promises the release of an album featuring a best-of of the show’s best moments. A Christmas gift that will arrive a little early since it will be available for streaming from November 25th. We will find there in particular the tube “Do not go without me”, the interpretation of “So” by Enola and Louis, the “Let Me Dance” from PaolaWrite the story” of Chris, Léa and Stan, but also the very touching cover of “Imagine” by Julien.

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