Stefan Kutzenberger lets his hero Stefan Kutzenberger die

For the third time, the Upper Austrian writer (and literary scholar) Stefan Kutzenberger is writing about an Upper Austrian writer named Stefan Kutzenberger, who is very similar to him – after “Friedinger” (2018) and “Jokerman” (2020) and many double axels and pirouettes that he shot and while reading dizzy.

Now Roman-Kutzenberger is dying in a lonely place in Uruguay.

“I don’t want to be buried here,” he said in Santa Maria.

And then: shot in the head in the hotel room from a Glock pistol that, like him, came from Austria 11,300 kilometers away.

For him, having reached the end is “kilometer zero”, and the way there is the story that is being told.

Where is there such a thing?, the narrator says to the reader in the middle: Don’t be impatient, I can’t report everything at the same time, little by little everything will make sense.

But not too much sense, because it’s our world, and it must be pretty messed up there.

It will be a celebration of life and of literature, which is life. A festival for the many possibilities that are no less valuable than the so-called reality.

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