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Steve Kerr: Example for coaches

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Coach Steve Kerr He conquered the NBA title last Thursday night, commanding the Golden State Warriors squad.

Kerr used all his tools and his great knowledge of the game to defeat the inspired Boston Celtics in a final.

The Warriors coach proved once again that he is a master of masters.
Intelligent, calm, calculating, a student of the game, shrewd, listens to his assistants and a world-class sports gentleman.

Super stars
It was not easy to lead a group of superstar players and have full control of each one of them.
Something that pleased me was hearing how those athletes praised their coach.
You don’t see that every day.

Having Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggns and Jordan Poole, among others, on the court under his direction is not a corn, because they are young people who want to shine and that makes it more difficult to manage egos to avoid indiscipline and group imbalance. Kerr managed to bring the ship to a safe port.

Foreman Kerr, with brilliant wisdom, kept the group together and ready to fight and beat the Celtics. To do that required mastery.

He achieved his purpose and he did it facing great difficulties. Injuries to his players, Covid 19 and other negative factors that appeared along the way and were not foreseen.

There are many videos and interviews that appear in the written and televised press, networks and electronic media in which Kerr offers interesting explanations, where he implies that several aspects had to be worked on in order to raise the cup of champion.

My recommendation to coaches and monitors of all sports disciplines is that they listen to that master Steve Keer, about how he has been able to be a winner and maintain humility and chivalry inside and outside the game.

Kerr’s story
Champion four times as a coach.
He won in 2015, 2017, 2018 and now in 2022.
As a player he was champion five times.
He won titles with Chicago in 1996, 97 and 98, while with the San Antonio Spurs he did it in 1999 and 2003. What a rooster!

Those crowns did not come down from heaven. This is due to a consecrated work, based on: discipline, study and immense desire to do things well.

There is no doubt, to achieve all these feats you have to be a gladiator or, rather, a warrior.
That’s Steve Kerr. He has been ill on occasion and he moves on. He has never been seen to step back.

It can
Steve Kerr has taught coaches, monitors and Physical Education teachers that you can succeed, despite the serious drawbacks that may arise in any circumstance.

With the humility that characterizes him, the Warriors coach praised the great work of his pupil Stephen Curry throughout the journey and especially in the final.

He put the best three-point shooter in the NBA at the top and affirmed that he was the key piece for Golden State to be celebrating that great victory right now.

I am one of those who bow to Steve Kerr for his consecration, dedication, love of work and an advisor like no other.

I reiterate that we are facing another of the great sports technicians on the planet.
Steve Kerr deserves all the respect and recognition in the world.

“We are healthy, we all have good advice for the sick.”
“An important part of healing is wanting to be healed.”

See you tomorrow, God willing, Dominicans.

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