Stranger Things Prosthetics

After the first ones were released seven episodes of season 4 of the seriesfans are already looking forward to the last two to be released next July 1. In which we will be able to know what will happen with Vecna ​​and the people of Hawkinshowever, until now, hardly anyone had noticed that one of the characters in stranger things He had worn a facial prosthesis.

Why did David Harbor have to wear a facial prosthesis to play Hopper in season 4 of stranger things?

During volume 1 of season 4 of stranger thingswe were able to be spectators of how the group of friends prepares for the classic spring break. Although they had many plans, a new threat arrives at Hawkins.

And for this new cycle, the production of the Netflix series used great resources. This so that the characters were faithful to what history dictated of this new season.

As was done with Millie Bobby Brown to play Elevenwho although he appeared with his shaved hair, a hairdresser used great tricks to hide her hair. Also, for the actress to appear in a younger versionthey used a double.

Nevertheless, David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, also used a great trick.

Since in season 3, his character, who had a certain physical appearance, It disappears after an explosion.

And in the new cycle, it is revealed that actually, he was in prison. And that he had to lose weight to show his change after poor diet and the extreme effort of the jail jobs.

Therefore, to return to the scenes of the past of stranger thingsthey should have put a prosthesis that would restore its appearance original.

In its instagram account, the actor wrote the following attaching a photograph of the process. “At the end of season 3, I told the Duffer brothers that we should film the flashbacks after the ‘death’, because I was going to lose weight and there would be continuity problems. But the episodes had not yet been written. Luckily we had the miraculous team that put the prosthesis on me. The results speak for themselves”.

On the other hand, regarding the change in her hair, she added the following. “They made sure we could shave my real hair clean and theatrically efficient to capture on camera. We only had one chance!”

Stranger Things Prosthetics Stranger Things Prosthetics

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