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While the Season 5 make all the preparations for start recordings, details about the end of “Stranger Things” Already begin To appear.

The most recent revelation came on the site of Tudum,replicated by Collider, where the duffer brothers commented the inspiration they took to write the last season from the series.

“The success of Season 1 scared us and then we knew we needed to build this bigger world, that this was going to be ongoing”said Ross Duffer, co-writer of Stranger Things.


“That meant the preparation for Season 2 included filling a whiteboard with every idea the writers room could think of. But it was too much — [cinco veces] more ideas than we needed, or [diez veces]”, the writer commented on the way they met the challenge to expand the world of “Stranger Things”.

And it seems that for the fifth and final season of the series, the team is rising to the challenge in a similar way. “For Season 5″, the writer continued, “We’re taking a lot of those big ideas from Season 2… A lot of our big stuff from the finale has come from things that we thought were going to be in Season 2.”

The emotional end of “Stranger Things”

We recently told you that the writers of the series they advanced a detail about the ending: probably it will make you cry.

On that occasion, the writers commented: “We got our executives to cry, which I felt was a good sign”said Matt Duffer about the final chapters of “Stranger Things”. Then, as a joke, he said: “The only other times I’ve seen them cry were like budget meetings.”

seems like the end will bring many tears to the fans.

What is known about the latest of “Stranger Things”?

the fifth season of “Stranger Things” will start his recording process in 2023but the official date from its premiere on Netflix has not been disclosed.

Fans can expect to see the last season of “Stranger Things” at some point in 2024. until then you can enjoy theorizing about the name of the first chapter that will bring the final delivery from the series. If you want to know the title, you we count here.

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