Stranger Things: A video shows Vecna's makeup from A to Z

How the actor became the creepiest monster on the Upside Down!

What does Jamie Campbell Bower on his phone during this time? The actor must obviously arm himself with supernatural patience, in the dressing rooms, before the filming of each sequence of season 4 of Stranger Things… Spoiler alert!

And for good reason, the one who plays One is also the one who hides in the guise of Vecna, a terrible creature from the Upside Down. Inevitably, this requires daunting work of make-up, dressing, prostheses and other magic from Hollywood artists, as this little video shared by the Twitter account of Stranger Things. A video that speeds up the creation of Vecna ​​in 35 seconds, which obviously takes a few hours…

It all starts with the de Bowers slicked back, then the prosthetics and makeup team spring into action. The process is very impressive. And in volume 2 of season 4 of Stranger Thingsyou will never see Vecna ​​the same way again!

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