Stranger Things: the end of season 4 "will be carnage"warns an actor

Joseph Quinn, one of the newcomers to the cast who embodies the character of Eddie, increases the pressure.

After a two-year break, the return of Stranger Things enjoyed unprecedented success on Netflix. To the point that the 4 seasons of the show occupy the four first places of the most watched English series currently on the platform ! And it’s not over. The conclusion of season 4, which will consist of two XXL episodes (one of 85 minutes and almost 2:30 for the grand finale), will be available from July 1 and also promises to panic the counters.

As this conclusion approaches, British actor Joseph Quinn, one of the new cast members who embodies the character of Eddie, increases the pressure. in an interview with Guardian :

The thing is, they’ve got my family somewhere, and if I ever divulge anything, I’ll never see them again. No, what I can say is there’s a guitar scene and the scale and ambition is incredible. All the seeds that have been planted are bearing fruit and it will just be carnage. You know the 2:30 finale, right? To end with a monster episode that lasts as long as a movie is so bold.

The sequel to season 4 of Stranger Things is revealed with new photos

So, will there be any deaths in the season 4 finale of Stranger Things ? And who will go there? Many fans rightly fear that the character of Eddie, adored by the public, will be sacrificed, as was the case of Barb (Shannon Purser) or Bob Newby (Sean Astin) in previous seasons. Joseph Quinn obviously can’t say anything, not even confirm that we’ll see him in the last two episodes: “I will be furious not to be there (laughs). I would love it, if they want it“. It will take a few days to get the answer.

As reminded variety, the conclusion of this season, which will be the penultimate of the series, promises to be truly spectacular. The Duffey brothers have recently assigned to Empire that the final episode would contain more special effects than all of season 3: “There’s a one-hour streak in this episode where it never stops. It’s the most complicated thing we’ve ever tried. It’s just tension and fear, with a duration that could seem long, even for a film. And then, it’s the descent into hell…

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