Stranger Things Writers Spoil Season 5 With Photo

The whole plan for the final season is online… but it’s a blur.

There are a few folks at Netflix who already know how it will end Stranger Things ! The writers of the series have completed their plan for the final chapter of Eleven’s adventures in the Upside Down. And to mark the occasion, they posted a photo on social networks that will drive fans crazy!

On Twitter, they posted the photo of a whiteboard full of juicy plot details for Season 5.”Completed grid“, write the authors as a bonus, to clarify that they have finished establishing the battle plan.

Only problem: the photo is completely blurred! Unable to read anything. So is it set that Will and Mike will end up together? That Eddie is still alive? Or that Joyce and Hopper will have a nice wedding to finish? So, we don’t know, isn’t it worse in the end…

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