Such a big sun: when will the soap opera return to France 2?

The soap opera usually broadcast on France 2 from Monday to Friday at 8:45 p.m. is soon back on the air.

Since May 30, France 2 has deprogrammed its daily soap opera, Such a big sun. The channel has thus freed up the slot usually reserved for the series for the Official campaign for the legislative elections. This is a space for expression dedicated to the candidates in the running. During fifteen minutes, the antenna is given up to them so that they can expose the main lines of their program. This meeting is now institutionalized on France Télévisions at each electoral deadline to allow the public to familiarize themselves with the candidates and their ideas.

such a big sun therefore returns on June 20, the day after the second round of the legislative elections. As a reminder, at the time of the health crisis, the daily soap opera had already undergone several deprogrammings, giving way to official government statements. Ditto during the presidential election where he had been put on a three-week break.

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