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This week’s chapters of the nine o’clock serial will show the death of Levi (Leandro Lima), the children of Tenório (Murilo Benício) pressuring their father to get to know the Pantanal region and Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) seducing Alcides (Juliano Cazarré). See what will happen until Saturday, June 18, in the summary of the soap opera Pantanal.

Levi dies after kidnapping Muda – Summary of the novel Pantanal

The public says goodbye to Levi in ​​this Monday’s chapter (13). The villain will force Muda (Bella Campos) to get on a boat with him so the two can escape. Irma (Camila Morgado) and Filó (Dira Paes) are worried about the young woman’s disappearance, and Tibério (Guito) and Trindade (Gabriel Sater) go after her.

Juma (Alanis Guillen) shoots a pawn in the arm and manages to save her friend. He will be found by Tiberius and Trindade and during the confrontation, he will fall into the river full of piranhas and be devoured.

Pantanal novel summary
Levi (Leandro Lima) dies in today’s chapter – Photo: Rede Globo/Gshow

Dispute over the silver saddle generates conflicts

The dispute initiated by José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) for the silver saddle of the old Joventino (Irandhir Santos) will generate more conflicts this week.

In today’s chapter, Monday, Tadeu (José Loreto) will belittle Jove’s (Jesuíta Barbosa) ability to win such an item – Madeleine’s son (Karine Teles) has been training with the help of Trindade (Gabriel Sater) and even tried make a pact with the ‘cramullion’.

Who will also be hurt by the dispute will be Filó (Dira Paes). The woman will be sad to hear Zé Leôncio tell Irma (Camila Morgado) that Jove is the most qualified to be in charge of her business. The redhead will say that the farmer should not encourage competition among his children.

marsh silver saddle
The silver saddle of old Joventino (Irandhir Santos) in Pantanal – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Maria Bruaca seduces Alcides – Summary of the novel Pantanal

Anyone who thinks Maria Bruaca would settle down after Levi’s death is wrong. In chapters that will be shown later this week, Guta’s mother (Julia Dalavia) will seduce Alcides once again.

The two will have sex for the first time and the pawn will be completely surrendered by the woman. The man will ask to sleep with his mistress again, but she will be insecure. “That was a weakness of mine… Umas…”, she will say, trying to resist the pawn. “It’s just that your weaknesses have missed me. I’ll wait for you there tonight,” he says.

In one of these escapades, Zefa (Paula Barbosa) catches Maria Bruaca in Alcides’ room.

Pantanal novel summary
Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira) seduced Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) – Photo: Rede Globo

Tenório’s children want to go to the Pantanal

Tenório’s worst nightmare will happen: his children will ask to be taken to the Pantanal. After the villain tells that Maria Bruaca found out about her second family, the young people no longer see any reason to remain hidden.

On Wednesday, Marcelo will insist that Zuleica convince Tenório to let him go to the farm. Unemployed, the boy tries to convince his father to let him take care of his land. “You enter with the land… I with the knowledge”, suggests the boy.

The villain will get angry and Marcelo will justify his proposal: “Because I’m unemployed, Dad…”

Tenório (Murilo Benício) with his lover Zuleica (Aline Borges) and their three children Marcelo (Lucas Leto), Roberto (Caue Campos) and Renato (Gabriel Santana) – Photo: Publicity/Globo

Guta and Tadeu’s relationship comes to an end – Summary of the novel Pantanal

The romance atmosphere between Guta and Tadeu comes to an end. The couple will split this week due to the various social and cultural differences between them.

On Tuesday, Zefa criticizes Guta for considering marrying Tadeu without really loving him. The situation worsens when the young woman goes for a walk with Alcides, arousing the jealousy of Filó’s son.

“Can we both have a chat like two adults?”, asks Guta. “We have nothing to talk about, Guta. For me, everything is settled between us”, Tadeu will answer. “All this just because I went out with Alcides?”, the girl asks. “Who you went out with or didn’t go out with, I don’t care. But with me you never go out again. Now, if you’ll excuse me”, Tadeu will say, putting an end to the relationship.

The hasty marriage proposal and the pawn’s jealousy will lead to the end of the courtship. On Thursday, Guta will tell Tenório that the relationship has come to an end – the villain will disapprove of the end of the relationship, as he was interested in the inheritance of José Leôncio’s heir.

Pantanal novel summary
Tadeu (José Loreto) and Guta (Julia Dalavia) break up – Photo: Rede Globo/Gshow

+ Carolina Ferraz was in Pantanal in 1991; remember paper

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