Sylvie Meis: Her son's first friend is her lookalike

How the time flies. Damian van der Vaart, the son of the Dutch soccer player Rafael van der Vaart and presenter Sylvie Meis, is already sixteen years old and obviously in love for the first time. As Meis now indicated on Instagram, her son has a girlfriend with whom she has already made acquaintance.

Damian’s girlfriend has similarities with Sylvie Meis

The former “Let’s Dance” presenter published a photo in which she can be seen next to an attractive blonde. She gave the picture a heart and linked her son and Larke Viktoria, Damian’s girlfriend. Wiktoria herself is very covered on her Instagram profile. And Damian hasn’t posted any photos together either. According to media reports, the two have been together for almost seven months and are currently on vacation with Meis in Hamburg.

Fans are delighted with Damian’s pretty girlfriend, who bears some resemblance to his famous mom with her blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

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