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Taika Waititi’s Star Wars will be disconnected from the other films in the saga: "I want to expand the universe"

Taika Waititi's Star Wars will be disconnected from the other films in the saga: "I want to expand the universe"

The director won’t introduce us to “Chewbacca’s grandmother”

While the output of Thor: Love and Thunder approach, Taika Waititi has agreed to discuss his future Star Wars film at the occasion of an interview with Total Film. This won’t be Waititi’s first foray into Star Wars, as the filmmaker played the character IG-11 on the show. The Mandalorian, of which he had also directed an episode. But little is known about this project. untitledwhose theatrical release is scheduled for December 2025. One thing seems certain in any case: it will have no connection with everything we have seen in the saga so far.

Look, I’m thinking about the expansion of the Star Wars universe, it has to expand. I don’t think I’d be useful to the Star Wars universe if I made a movie where everyone was like, ‘oh great, it’s the plans of the Millennium Falcon, ah it’s Chewbacca’s grandmother‘. It’s great too, but I’d like to start something new, create new characters and just expand the world, otherwise it feels like a very small story.

Star Wars: Kathleen Kennedy claims to have learned the lesson of Solo’s failure

Waititi’s remarks join the recent promise of Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucas Film, who assured that there “no hesitation“on turning the page Skywalker:”We need to create a whole new saga“, she explained, already to Total Film.

This expansion is eagerly awaited as Star Wars has been going around in circles since the acquisition of Lucas Film by Disney, almost ten years ago. From the new trilogy to spin-off films, via the Disney Plus series, full of cameos and references to the original saga, the Burbank firm has so far exploited the vein of nostalgia, a vein that will eventually dry up one day. It’s time to get Star Wars out of its comfort zone, and it looks like the whimsical director of Thor: Ragnarok be the man for the job.

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