Tatá Werneck is criticized for absence with Rafael Vitti and replies: “Porr*”

the presenter Tata Werneck was the subject of some “criticism” last weekend. It all happened after she shared a photo with her husband, the actor. Rafael Vitti, in an Instagram post on Valentine’s Day. Accused of being unromantic with her partner, she has shown that she can be cute when she wants to.

On the same social network, she showed that she prepared a book for Vitti that tells the story of him and Clara Maria, the couple’s daughter. In the publication’s caption, she explained that she made this gift because the heiress loves books and even shot about having been detonated by the little romanticism.

“They asked what gift I gave Rafa for Valentine’s Day. My fans gave me this gift and I thought the idea was so wonderful! Caca loves books. And love rhymes. When she turns 3 I will publicly challenge her. So I wrote a Book with Dad’s story. I called the illustrator @lauralannes who did it beautifully and my beloved dad who ran after graphics with me overnight. Rafa was super excited. I didn’t film. But I recorded everything. ❤️ WHO IS THE CUTE NOW FUCK*“, shot.

See the presenter’s post on social media:

The couple’s publications

On Valentine’s Day, Tata Werneck shared a photo hugging Rafa Vitti and drew attention for making an unconventional caption for the date. “Happy Valentine’s Day, bitch,” wrote the presenter. The actor then posted the same photo and left a cute text.

“’From sincere souls to sincere union. There is nothing to stop it: love is not love. If when he encounters obstacles he changes, or if he vacillates at the slightest fear. Love is an eternal, dominant frame that braves the storm. It is the star that guides the wandering sail. The value of which is unknown at the time. Love doesn’t fear time, even though‘” he wrote, crediting the Shakespeare Sonnet.

Then he finished. “’Your cutlass do not spare the youth. Love does not change from hour to hour, but affirms itself for eternity. If this is false, and that someone has proved it to be false, I am not a poet, and no one has ever loved’. Happy day, my love. I love you so much, return my charger“, he finished.

Tata Werneck replied

In the comments box, Tata responded to her husband’s cute post with a humorous little text, as is common in her posts.

I’m crying in bed. You by my side. But I’ll say it’s because I saw the story of a rescued puppy. I love you,” he declared.

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