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Tata Werneck always uses his social networks as a way to interact with his fans and followers. The proof of this is that the presenter and comedian opened a question box in her Instagram stories. At the time, the Lady Night presenter was asked by a user if Rafa Vitti had already been flirted by someone famous.

“Has any famous ever hit on Rafa and how did you react?”, asked the internet user. “Yes, it was a big disappointment. I was very sad. But one day I’ll tell that story, ma’am, you don’t know me, p…” she replied.

Asked if she had already caught a famous person from TV Globo, Tatá replied: “I always amended dating. I joined Globo dating. I already got it, I’ll tell you, how many actors… one, two… this two here nobody knows! Three, four…five!” she said.

Regarding what she most admires in her friendship with Bruna Marquezine, the presenter said that she trusts the actress a lot: “We are really rooting for each other. I love Bruna very much, I trust her a lot. I can stay as long as it takes, I tell her my whole life. And she’s the woman I think is the most beautiful in the world, only she’s a bagasse. I love that she is baggy,” she revealed.

Tatá Werneck (Reproduction/Instagram)

Celebrated 5 years with Rafa Vitti

Not long ago, Tatá Werneck and Rafael Vitti completed 5 years of relationship. To celebrate the date, the actor published a message on his social networks.

“Today we celebrate 5 years together, and I just want to thank you for loving me and taking care of me when I’m in shit. Because even though you have a million things to do and solve, if I need it, you will support me. And at the end of the day, that’s what relationships are all about: one being the other’s support in moments where we just think about giving up…you’ve saved me from many bads…. Thank you for being that light in our lives. Clara is lucky to be his daughter, an example of determination, strength, faith, justice, generosity and grimaces. You are too much, my love. We started dating by chance, and we didn’t even believe it was possible. And today we have our family. ♥️ I love you so much, mindu. happy 5 years
@tatawerneck”, he wrote that the father of Clara Maria, 2 years old, the result of the relationship with the presenter.

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