TBT Caribbean: The Oriental Stars

The Estrellas Orientales baseball team, based in San Pedro de Macorís, was founded on December 15, 1910. Among its first members and precursors are: John Abbes, Lorenzo Bobea, Pedro Correa, Raúl Carbuccia, Manuel Jiménez, Pompillo Santana , Miguel Angel Risco, Emilio Guerrero, José Antonio González, Lico Mallén and Miguel Zaglul.

The Stars won that championship

The team participated in the tournaments that were held at that time, including that of 1912, which they won by forfeit, when their rival, Nuevo Club, did not appear due to their disagreement with the work of the referees, and after that team had eliminated from the competition to Tigres del Licey.

Alfredo Griffin

Baseball was played informally from then on, until a national championship was organized in 1936, with the so-called four traditional teams of Dominican professional baseball: Tigres del Licey, Leones del Escogido, Águilas Cibaeñas and Estrellas Orientales.

Raphael Ramirez

In 1951 the Dominican Baseball League Professional, name by which the current Professional Baseball League of the Dominican Republic was first known, with tournaments that were held in summer, until 1954.

Julius Cesar Franco

The Stars won the last of those championships (1954), which preceded the integration of Dominican professional baseball to the so-called Organized Baseball of the United States, starting in 1955, when the tournaments began to be held from autumn to winter, of one calendar year. the other. Instead of being played only during the day (weekends), it was also played, and is still played, at night, under artificial lights, and also on so-called weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Ralph Garr

Los Orientales won the 1954 championship, beating Licey in the Final Series and counting as their main player Juan Esteban Vargas Marcano (Tetelo Vargas), in whose honor the stadium that today serves as the team’s headquarters, in San Pedro, was baptized. from Macoris.

Manuel “Bonny” Castillo

The Stars won again in the 1967-1968 tournament, with natives Ricardo Carty and José Vidal Nicolás as their two main offensive players. The American Larry Dierker as his ace among pitchers. Cuban Tony Pacheco was his manager. His rival in the Final Series was the Leones del Escogido team.

Silvano Quezada

After that, the group of the green ensign has been seen close to being crowned champion again, but has not managed to put on the diadem again; despite having come as close as a win away, several times; and have counted in their ranks with imported players such as Ralph Garr, Roland Fingers, James Rodney Richard, Mark Parent, Reggie Whittemore, Ray Knight, Dale Murphy, George Foster, Joe Niekro, Joe Sambito, Dick Tidrow, Mickey Mahler, Rick Mahler , Mark Davis, LaMarr Hoyt, Wilbur Howard, Gorman Thomas, Joe Orsulak, Gerald Perry, Mark Wohlers, Chris Davis, Tyler White.

Rafael “the rooster” Batista

Similarly, great stars of Dominican professional baseball have worn the All-Star uniform after 1968. Such are the cases of César Cedeño, Rafael Batista, Alfredo Griffin, Rafael Ramírez, Julio César Franco, Vladimir Guerrero, Félix José, Joaquín Andújar , Silvano Quezada, Manuel (Bonny) Castillo. Robinson Cano, Pablo Ozuna, Jesus (Pepe) Frías, Adrian Beltre.

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