Thaila Ayala is photographed taking a shower and wins praise

Thaila Ayala enjoyed delicious family days during a trip to Trancoso. On social media, the actress shared several images of the tour and stole the scene with a specific post. In the clicks, the muse appeared with a bathing suit and left her body in evidence.

In the caption of the post on Instagram, she showed that she was quite satisfied at the place. “For more days like this!”, she wrote, which received thousands of likes in a short period of time. In the comments, of course, fans and friends reacted and praised the actress. “Beautiful!” said one user, leaving a heart-shaped emoji. “Musa!” wrote another. “How beautiful she is,” remarked a third.

See Thaila Ayala’s photos on social media:

talked about the wedding

Vale remembers that Thaila Ayala was interviewed last year by Quem magazine and talked about her marriage to the actor. Renato Góes. At the time, the famous said that the period of seclusion of the pandemic turned out to be positive for the relationship.

With the pandemic, we live 24 hours a day. I like the companionship, the partnership. Having a person on my side that I trust, with whom I can share everything, brings a lightness to my days, even though we are going through this uncertain and difficult time. I like doing everything beside him, it’s hard to choose just one thing. I love cinema, watching movies, series… So, I’ll say that sharing this with him is one of the things I like to do the most”, he celebrated.

moments of pregnancy

When she was still pregnant, Thaila Ayala talked to Patrícia Kogut’s column, from the newspaper O Globo, and gave some details about her pregnancy. At the time, she said that she wanted to get pregnant, but faced difficult times because she had birth affliction.

Pregnancy is a very big challenge. The body and mind transform. I’m trying to keep up with this change. We grow up listening to the romanticization of pregnancy, of how beautiful, transformative it is…”, she explained.

The actress, however, ponders and explains that it is a process. “It’s all of that, but it’s also a very individual process.. So, the most important thing is to welcome pregnant women and mothers, to understand that this process is not just flowers. It’s something complicated. It’s a lot to process. Even if you want to have a child, as I do, it can be difficult.”

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