Thaila Ayala rebels and detonates harassment of Renato Góes: “I know everything”

At 36, the actress Thaila Ayala used social media to reflect on a situation he cannot understand. According to her, many women are sending nudes and singing to her husband, actor Renato Góes, who was recently in Pantanal, in Globe.

In a mocking way, the famous told fans that she seeks to understand why they do this, even though she knows that he will not respond, as he is married and a father of a family.

“You, woman, who sends a picture of your ass, your genitals, your chest to married men… I swear, whoever can answer me, it’s true my curiosity, really, I’m dying to understand what’s going on. goes through your head,” she said.

Indignantly, the artist continued with her outburst and made a point of clarifying that, different from what many think, Follows everything from her husband and knows who does it in his direct.

“If she doesn’t respect herself or if she thinks that’s okay, mash it up, because everyone is each one, their body, their rules. Now, you disrespect another person who has nothing to do with it, who has not disrespected you, you disrespect a marriage, a woman who, in detail, is in the puerperium. I get so embarrassed being the same race sometimes. Little do they know that I see everything, that I know everything,” she concluded.


Mother of little Francisco, Thaila Ayala recently revealed to the newspaper O Globo, details of the intense routine with her son and the clothing company she manages. According to her, doing all this is a great challenge and an intense daily rush.

“I try to reconcile as best I can. I work a lot from home, so this dynamic becomes easier — if you can say it’s easy, right? Both work and motherhood are part of me, they are two things that make me happy and fulfilled. So, for me it’s natural to try to find a balance between these and the other things that make me who I am”, he said.

Also in the interview, sheadmitted that everything changed after the arrival of the heir in the family.

“Change, of course. It is a human being who is completely dependent on you. The routine changes, the perspective changes… We are recognizing each other as a family, forming bonds. The schedules end up being more in line with him at the beginning (laughs). But I think it’s part of it. It’s a real adaptation process.”

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