Thammy Miranda at the aesthetic clinic (Reproduction/Instagram)

full of vanity, Thammy Miranda shared with followers another moment of taking care of her body. Through Instagram stories, the councilor appeared in a beauty clinic to undergo a procedure.

In a series of videos, Gretchen’s son appeared shirtless and sported his furry body full of tattoos. The famous revealed that he was at the clinic to undergo a treatment to reduce sagging in the flanks.

“End of the day and where do I go? I surrendered… the owner of my family’s butt. Dr. Natasha who owns the family’s butt, takes care of Andressa’s butt, my mother’s butt and what did I come to do? take care of my butt? No, I didn’t come to take care of my butt”, he said good-naturedly.

He went on to reveal that he decided to go into treatment after losing a few pounds. “I lost weight, you are following me, you know. And there’s a sagging here, look…We will fix this and I will show you the before and after. I don’t know if they can show it, but I can, because it’s my body and I post whatever I want.”

Thammy Miranda at the aesthetic clinic (Reproduction/Instagram)

Also accompanying her husband, Andressa appeared in a video talking about her special visit to Dr. Natasha. She said that she was going to do a session of treatment based on collagen biostimulators in the gluteal region.

“It’s to return collagen to the butt. The treatment leaves the butt more perky, firmer, treating sagging, cellulite, leaving the skin very smooth”, explained the specialist to the girl’s followers.

Andressa defended Thammy

Recently Andressa Ferreira used her social networks to vent about the attitude of some netizens who still bother Thammy by trying to address him with the female pronoun.

For this, the influencer decided to share several photos to highlight how not only she, but also Thammy changed a lot in the last 10 years of relationship. She posted an image and highlighted: “there is no way to say ‘she’”.

“First and last time I’m going to talk about it. Sometimes there are people who still treat Thammy as ‘she’. I know it’s not out of malice. Because there are still people who are stuck in a story from the past. Because Thammy is a well-known public person.”, began Andressa.

The brunette continued to reinforce that now her husband is completely masculine. “Looking at Thammy today with a beard, all handsome, masculine… it’s impossible to say ‘she’. Smell, manner and attitude of a man. I think it’s really because of this previous reference, but let’s change it there”, asked the influencer.

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