The Farm 2022: Deolane explains why she never parted ways with MC Kevin

This Thursday (17), the influencer Andressa Ferreira surprised his fans Instagram when showing the homage she received from her husband Thammy Mirandaone of the sons of Gretchen🇧🇷

On the occasion, the São Paulo councilor decided to immortalize his love for his wife and son Bento in the form of a tattoo. On the politician’s arm, we can see the faces of the two, in which Andressa has her son in her arms.



“And this beautiful declaration of love that my husband made. He tattooed my face and our son’s! Eternizing our bonds of LOVE! I love you infinity!!”said Andressain the caption of the publication.

Fans and admirers of the couple left several positive messages in the comments of the muse. “The most beautiful and passionate couple on the real internet”opined a follower. “And what statement huh? It was beautiful I loved it! He loves you very much”said a second. “Beautiful as love”said a third.

Thammy and the son

At the beginning of the year, the councilor went to the networks to explain to his followers how he would approach the subject of his transition to his son Bento.

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“Regarding my transition, the way it will be discussed with Bento will be when he starts to understand things. I want it to be as natural and peaceful as possible, to be light, true, what it really is. Not much to explain, do. It’s explaining that there is gender identity. That there are people who are born without identifying with the gender they were born with, with the way they were generated. And we have the possibility to readjust ourselves”, said.

“So his dad had to go through a transition because he didn’t recognize himself in the gender he was born into. That simple. It’s a man, just like him. And the difference between a transgender man and a cisgender man is this.”he said at the time.

“When I talk to him, I’ll say ‘Today we can talk about this matter openly. But in dad’s time, it wasn’t talked about much, so dad took a long time to understand what was happening to him too. Today daddy can have this open conversation with you”, continued.

“And other people already understand and know that this exists, and they can make this transition much sooner and suffer much less. For dad to be talking openly about this with you today, dad fought a lot to get here. It was dad’s fight too that made many people be who they are and be happy’”concluded Thammy Miranda, who is a first-time dad.

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