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the influencer Andressa Ferreirawife of councilor Thammy Miranda, did not hide his revolt this Thursday (4th). She was outraged after receiving a question about her son, little Bento, who is now two years old.

Soon after opening a question box on Instagram stories, the girl ended up being asked about a supposed degree of autism that your child would have. Indignant with the question, she replied elegantly to the internet user and assured that her son does not have any type of disease.



“What is Bento’s degree of autism and why don’t you comment on it?”, asks the follower. “What I want to comment on, is what is your degree of expertise and based on what you are making this comment”, began the businesswoman.

“A qualified person, specialist, who accompanies my son and is a pediatrician never told me anything about my son’s degree of autism, because he is a perfect child”, he continued.

Soon after, Gretchen’s daughter-in-law said that she is used to invasive questions on social media, but believes that such messages affect other people directly and can cause serious problems.

“I’ve taken a lot of beatings in my life and that kind of comment doesn’t affect me at all. Now, did you know that there are many people on the internet who kill themselves and suffer from depression because of comments like yours? So my answer to you is will take your c*“, shot.

Detonated haters

Present in Thammy Miranda’s life even before the transition, Andressa Ferreira has already faced several controversies alongside the councilor. Recently, the brunette decided to make a post rebutting the haters who insist on continuing to refer to their husband in the feminine.

Through stories, she made a series of posts to show her husband’s evolution, with before and after photos. In one of the clicks, in which Thammy appears with a masculine look, she shot: “there is no way to say ‘she’”.

“First and last time I’m going to talk about it. Sometimes there are people who still treat Thammy as ‘she’. I know it’s not out of malice. Because there are still people who are stuck in a story from the past. Because Thammy is a well-known public person.”, began Andressa.

She continued her outburst by mentioning some of her husband’s characteristics. “Looking at Thammy today with a beard, all handsome, masculine… it’s impossible to say ‘she’. Smell, manner and attitude of a man. I think it’s really because of this previous reference, but let’s change it there”, asked the influencer.

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