The 12 strokes of noon: Quentin, the young midday master, eliminated!

Present on the set of 12 noon shots since May 2, Quentin, 20, was eliminated this Saturday, May 7. He leaves the show with nearly 20,000 euros.

End of the course in Les 12 coups de midi for Quentin! The young noon master was eliminated this Saturday, May 7, during his sixth participation. It was Marion who got the better of him during the Fatal Blow ordeal, becoming, at the same time, the new midday master. Quentin, 20, must harbor some regrets because there weren’t many spaces left on the mysterious star. However, he left the show with €19,100a very nice sum at the approach of summer.

On May 2, Quentin had eliminated Sylvie and had thus become noon master for his greatest happiness. Very moved, he wanted to send his congratulations to his opponent who left the show with a prize pool of more than 30,000 euros. “I didn’t expect it at all, I’m very surprised and very happy. I still want to congratulate my opponent for his career”he said, tears in his eyes.

Les 12 coups de midi: first victory and first Masterstroke for Marion

Marion, the new midday master, has started her adventure perfectly. After having eliminated Quentin during the Fatal Blow, she managed to correctly answer the five questions asked by Jean-Luc Reichmann during the final and thus validated her sum of 10,000 euro. A good omen for the rest of her career… She then attempted her first mysterious star, proposing, without success, the name of Patrick Vieira, former player of the French football team. But with only about ten boxes remaining, Marion could win her first star in the next few days.


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