The Amazon series LOL isn't funny - and it doesn't matter at all

The comedy show LOL: Last One Laughing at Amazon Prime * is a hit, but I didn’t understand that at all for a long time. When I finally let myself be carried away to watch, I was surprised: on the one hand, by the fact that I really enjoyed the series immensely; on the other hand from that LOL isn’t funny, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Amazon’s LOL gags are lame, but that’s completely beside the point

Hand on heart: I usually stay away from the German TV landscape with its entertainment shows, I hardly know any B-celebrities and if I had to choose from the wide range of genres, I would probably go for comedy last. In this respect it is probably not surprising that I Hype about Amazon’s LOL: Last One Laughing passed me by for a long time.

LOL Last One Laughing – S03 Trailer (German) HD


But I was only able to ignore the phenomenon for a certain amount of time before my curiosity got the better of me. Earlier this year I gave LOL a try with an amazing result: I had an unexpected amount of fun.

The “comedic” numbers, with which the stars try to get each other to twitch the corners of their mouths, I couldn’t get much from the start. Of course, everyone has their own sense of humor. But colorful disguises, the dazzling palette of German dialects and a long list of masturbation synonyms just don’t end up in the “funny” drawer for me.

LOL Season 2: Bastian Bastewka

Talking guinea pig dolls and people who make themselves monkeys in chicken costumes only make me smile wearily. When the humor of the participants oscillates between childish and fecal and the heater Michael Herbig affectionately throws in his laughter salvos, I am unimpressed as a Bird watcher in the comedy forest and instead study human behavior on my screen.

Because the LOL gags are just a lame side issue. The real comedy core of the show lies in the observation of suppressed impulses. It’s about the magic of not being allowed to laugh.

The LOL performances aren’t funny – the desperately suppressed laughs are

To this day I don’t have a good strategy and no idea how to suppress laughter because I just love to laugh,” said Anke Engelke in the Moviepilot interview ahead of LOL season 3. In retrospect, that may turn out to be a deception, but basically the comedian sums up the endearing concept of the show: I want to see the struggle for composure in LOL. That Test of strength with your own laughing muscles.

LOL Season 3: Don’t laugh

Even children are encouraged to laugh with facial contortions. That involuntary grimacing of the LOL stars has a similar effect for me as an adult. If the participants desperately look elsewhere, open their mouths or make wild movements to distract themselves from the grin, then suddenly it’s there: the fun. This unplannable and at the same time planned comedy gives the human experiment LOL its addictive touch. That’s more fascinating than any talking cauliflower.

Amazon’s LOL and laughter as salvation

If (in slow motion) from Carolin Kebekus that laughter finally breaks out, like from a volcano that has been forbidden to release lava for too long, it’s so liberating that I automatically laugh along. I can empathize with this lost battle.

Against such undisguised human moments the rehearsed comedy numbers don’t stand a chance. The fact that I, as a non-TV streamer, even learn something about the German comedy landscape from the 10 candidates per LOL season remains a nice side effect.

LOL: The Season 3 cast

In the end, I don’t come for the comedy stars and their shallow jokes. I come for some people holding back their laughter. And that’s why I’m guaranteed to enjoy watching season 4 of LOL again.

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How are you? Do you watch LOL on Amazon Prime for the comedians, the gags, or the stifled laughs?

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